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WYSPER: Episode 9

February 13, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

Episode 9 will be a Hum Dinger of a Ripper. Guest Speaker Melissa Gilbert (Turning Towards Joy) will use her Divinity of many lives lived to explore the topic of Love, Lust and Forgiveness. If you have experienced any of these or all of these at once, her sacred words will bring comfort while imparting wisdom on the topic.
Saint Rachael McElhiney is back from a life-saving journey to the rural and will be joined by the Angelic Vocal Muse, Lily Baren.
Special connective influencer Jill Marlene, Zeke the Pride of Lions, Em & Gabe will also be performing during this jam-packed multi-media event.
The Limited Release of Gram’ma Deewt’s Superior Snake Oil and Cream Surprise, Smudge Magic, SSBPRR, and the chance to win an all-inclusive month-long stay on the soils that once held The Township of Deewt.
Prayers For Sin!
Hermosa the Sin-Eater!
Hopscotch Penance!
Dr. Annabel Nyx!
Re-Cap Top Ten Cancel Culture: Reno Edition!
Lambs Blood Mead to Benefit Red Equity from our friends at Black Rabbit Meadery!
Bring a Friend – Make A Friend!
I Give You Abundance!
Trust The Mystery!
The event is free of admission with the option of donation.

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