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Our mailbox rentals in Reno, NV are securely located in a bank vault - the most fun place to pick up your mail! Enjoy a coffee, say hi to our onsite management team and marvel at this historic landmark turned business and events space. Email us today to set up your prestigious Reno, Nevada virtual mailbox business address and we will start collecting your mail!
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Terms of Agreement

1. Authorization - I authorize The Virgil to charge my credit card on file on the first of every month.

2. I will notify The Virgil whenever any changes are to be made to my account.

3. I understand that The Virgil may close my mailbox if rent is not paid.

4. I understand The Virgil will charge $1 per day storage fee when the amount of mail exceeds the volume of my mailbox and The Virgil must store it in a separate secure location.

5. I understand The Virgil will charge $2 per day storage fee for packages that remain unclaimed for over 3 business days.

6. I understand The Virgil will charge $10 per month service fee to sort first class mail in my mailbox and destroy/recycle any other mail that comes for me.

7. I will contact The Virgil in writing 7 days prior to my mailbox renewal date to request that my mailbox be closed to “”.

8. I have read and agree to all terms of this Mailbox Application and Rental Agreement.

Mail Services:

For services paid for and/or indicated in this contract, The Virgil and Tenant (“Lessee”) hereby agree to the following:

1. Lessee agrees that premise shall be used for purposes that comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

2. The Virgil shall place in Lessee mailbox all mail received by The Virgil for the benefit of Lessee each date that mail is received from the United States Postal Service.

3. The Virgil shall take all reasonable steps to prevent loss of mail by theft or otherwise, but shall not in any case be held liable for such loss.

4. Rental fees are collected at the time of sign-up. A late fee will be assessed on accounts over thirty (30) days past due and every fifteen (15) days thereafter.

5. Prior to termination of service requested by Client, Client has the responsibility of notifying senders of new address. Any mail received after termination of Client’s account will be returned to sender.

6. After termination due to non-payment of account, The Virgil shall hold mail for a period of thirty days. If payment or notification is not provided, The Virgil shall return all mail to the United States Postal Service and mark mail as unable to be forwarded (UTF).

7. Lessee is aware that The Virgil is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency and this address may not be used to establish Nevada residency to obtain a Nevada Driver’s license.

8. If Lessee cancels mailbox before the end of the rental term, The Virgil will not refund any rental payments.

9. The Virgil shall deliver to Lessee a key which will open the Lessee’s mailbox. The 50 dollar deposit is fully refundable upon Lessee’s termination of services and return of key as long as key is returned prior to the end of the current pre-paid billing period. The key deposit shall be refunded to the Client provided that service is canceled before the next month’s mailbox rental is due and that no other monies are due to The Virgil.

10. The Virgil shall provide access to key-locked mailboxes per hours noted: 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.

11. Mail Forwarding services are not available.

12. The Virgil is released of all liability related to any activity by Lessee

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